Fall Music Classes

Jamband Showcase

Our music department offers recreational music opportunities for children, teens, adults and seniors. We emphasize an all-inclusive, relaxed approach to playing popular music. Our students are provided with technical instruction, a place to practice their craft, and plenty of performance spots on festivals, celebrations, and parks events throughout the Music City. Our students have gone on to play professionally around town and around the country; as well as appearing in TV, radio and multi-media. Email Samuel.Frazee@Nashville.Gov or call 615-862-8440 for registration info.

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Fall 2022 Class Offerings

Beginning Group Guitar
This class is for beginning guitar students. Recommended for kids 8 years and older No experience necessary. Students should have their own instrument. Space is limited, and students must preregister online.

Intermediate Group Guitar
Ideal for students that have completed the Beginning Guitar class, or those that already have playing experience. Students should be familiar with basic open chords like C,G,D,A and E. Space is limited, and students must preregister online.

Our jamBand program takes young people who are already playing an instrument and places them in a group with other students their own age and skill level; while teaching them how to be in a band.  We have many performance opportunities throughout the year. We are always accepting new students who play guitar, keys, bass, drums, and/or other instruments.

jamBand Jr
This is jamBand for students 12 and under. Students should have some experience on their instruments.  We will be learning songs, how to listen, start and end tunes, follow chord charts and Groove. We learn how to Jam. Piano students should know the names of keys, chords and be able to use both hands. Guitar players need to be able to play open chords such as G,C,D,A and E. Drummers should be able to play a steady rock beat.   Students will have the opportunity to try other instruments, and all are encouraged to sing.

Piano Lessons
Introductory private lessons for students 8yrs old and up. Space is limited and you must preregister by emailing Samuel.Frazee@Nashville.Gov.

The Hartman Park Band
This laid-back class gives older adults a fun opportunity to play together in a band. Some experience on an instrument is recommended. We play great tunes from the blues, R+B and oldies catalog. This group will have several performance opportunities throughout the year.

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