Big Band Dances Return to Centennial Park

Big Band Dance at Centennial Park

Swing dance fans get their good dance floor back this summer when the Big Band Dance series returns to the Centennial Park event shelter.

The dances are set for 7-10 p.m. every Saturday night from June through August. If you’re new to the swing-era dance steps or just need to knock the dust off your dancing shoes, there’s always a free lesson for everyone at 7 p.m. and the evening’s big band takes over at 7:30.

UPDATE: Check out the list of bands (including lesson styles) and food vendors!

Creative Parks Nashville (CPN) volunteers – the friend’s group that supports art, music, and theater in Nashville parks – have been selling water at the dances for several years and will be on hand again this year to keep dancers hydrated and answer questions about our work. Proceeds from the water sales and donations go to support programs like the Big Band Dance series.

We’ve always had a front row seat to enjoy the dancing from our table and we’re constantly impressed by the variety of folks who come out to stretch their legs. The Big Band Dance series is truly one of the best multi-generational events in Nashville. And, you’ll find experienced swing dancers along with men, women, boys, and girls who are just learning the ropes, er, we mean steps.

As you may recall, last year due to pandemic precautions, the dances moved to Riverfront Park. The venue was great, especially for listening and picnicking, but dancing on the park’s lawn wasn’t ideal for the more serious steppers. Returning to the Centennial Park event shelter will give the experienced dancers the chance to show us what they really can do and also provide a better surface for learners.

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